Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm still here!

Friday April 20, 2009

Hello Again! It's Monday and I've been very busy and unable to post these past few weeks. I've been away from the blog because I've found a day job and have been devoting more of my free time to stand up comedy. Life is strange in that there are times when you will be most inspired when you have the least time. I suspect that muses are fickle and flighty. You can't choose when you'll have a creative burst or when you'll struggle through a dry spell. I've created a Myspace comedy page which is creative process as well. You can check it out to find out more about my doings since February.

There's no new picture or loops for this week, but I'll try to have something by the next update.

Send your comments and feedback and I’ll read it all and respond to some of it.
Bye for now!

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