Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday November 4, 2006

Fall has fallen, and autumn proceeds apace. I'm a day late for this post cause blogger had issues yesterday, but it looks like it's all better now. Computer programming is both a vocation and an avocation for me, and this week the focus is on a programming and specifically on a programming language. Euphoria is a fast, easy to use, interpreted language that recently has gone open source. Euphoria has a very active and helpful community of users providing support and writing all kinds of applications and libraries. I’ve written a number of programs in Euphoria that you can check out here. My main contribution to the Euphoria saga has been the SDL/Euphoria project: a series of programs for using the SDL graphics/multimedia library with Euphoria. Any programming language whose name is synonymous with “joy” deserves at the very least a try, especially when it’s free.

The picture of the week is a screen shot of an animated Euphoria/SDL demo.
Click on the picture to get a full sized view.

The loops of the week were created with Orion Pro.

The website of the week is a page containing the fables of Aesop and the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen as well as other fables and short stories. Nearly everyone knows the tale of “Tortoise and the Hare”, but I find the obscure fables far more compelling and fascinating.

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Bye for now!