Friday, August 15, 2008

Euphoria Rocks and Musubi Rolls

Friday August 15, 2008

Greetings! It's another fine Friday and I'm back with usual mix of mirth, pith and ideas. The topic for tonight is programming and once more I've turned my attentions to the Euphoria programming language and my long-delayed Musubi/SDL project. Musubi is a project I started a while ago to simplify the use of the SDL graphics/multimedia library and the related SDL libraries with Euphoria. This week I've jumped back into coding the remaining demos and writing the manual. There are some 52 functions and procedures I've included in the Musubi and as of this writing I've added over half of them to the documentation. I really don't know why the project had stalled for so long, but I think that like all artistic endeavors it is a matter of mood and timing. In any event the project will likely be wrapped and ready to go by month's end. Euphoria remains a rather obscure open-source language and I don't know what the response will be, but I'm driving on to complete it for the sake of closure. Even belated, I like to finish what I start if possible. I'll post a link here on this blog, and add an entry to my web page when it's ready. Stay tuned!

The picture of the week was created using Bryce.

Click on the image for a full-sized view

The loops of the week are some exotic percussion loops.

The PC game of the week was Unreal Tournament 3 again.

The book of the moment is Irish Folk Tales, edited by Henry Glassie.

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Bye for now!