Friday, April 18, 2008

Practical Practice and Rehab for Rehearsal

Friday April 18, 2008

Hi All! Friday is here once more and the topic for tonight is music. Rehearsal is a subject that every musician must deal with. Hours of exercises, scales, and general noodling build confidence and skill. I must confess that being both a keyboard player and guitarist, I find myself waxing in one department while waning in the other. Practice time can also conflict with whatever other interests, jobs, or projects you have going on at the same time. In my case the pull of computer programming, graphics, web surfing and TV all detract from hours available. Some players recommend setting aside a regular practice time each night, and my former guitar instructor suggested even taking time to strum while watching TV. The moment of Zen occurs when muscle memory and reflexes kick in, and your fingers seem to play the notes themselves. I think tonight I'll give my downstairs neighbor a bit of Smoke on the Water or Sunshine of your Love on guitar. If you really want some inspiration to keep practicing, take a look a this t-shirt bearing the classic “Carnegie Hall” joke. When faced with practice time, don't get discouraged by the challenge and keep on trying!

The picture of the week was created from a photo using Project Dogwaffle.

Click on the image for a full-sized view

The loops of the week are some vaguely Asian flutes.

The PC game of the week is still Command and Conquer 3.

The Web spot of the week is the official Electric Light Orchestra site.

The book of the moment is Asterix and the Laurel Wreath by Goscinny and Uderzo; a classic European comic combining both sharp humor and beautiful artwork.

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Bye for now!