Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday December 14, 2007

Hi all and welcome back! It's Friday again and chilly tonight for So Cal. Most of my creative time and energies went into graphics and animation this week. I'd like to learn to use Carrara Studio or Blender, but every time I have a 3D animation project I end up going back to Anim8or. There are pricier and more powerful packages, but you can't argue with the sheer ease of use. The main animation projects this week were some more game art, an octopus character and a talking robot. With a cast of characters like that, can a comedy short be far behind? Stay tuned.

The picture of the week was created using Project Dogwaffle.

Click on the image for a full-sized view

The loops of the week are a set of bell-infused drum tracks.

The song of the moment is the Commitments cover of Take me to the River. The Commitments are, without a doubt, the best Irish R&B band ever.

The book of the moment is Leaves of Grass, by Walt Whitman.

The PC game of the week is still Worms 4: Mayhem.

Send your comments and feedback and I’ll read it all and respond to some of it.
Bye for now!

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Hey Mark! I am gonna check out the band you mentioned. Also, update my link for my new blog:, and finally, I am returning the favor: I tagged you in a blog tag. See my site for details.