Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday December 29, 2006

Hello again! We’re nearing the end of the year and if December is a time of remembrance then January is a time of forecasting and speculation. A lot of people feared the onset of 2000 and the “millennium bug”, but New Year’s Day arrived on time and we were little the worse for it. “1984” (written in 1948) gave a grim depiction of the world without human rights, but much of that dark, dystopian theme has been diluted as the backdrop for the first Apple Macintosh Computer commercial, or as the title inspiration for cheesy reality TV. It may be of some ironic historical significance that Ronald (Bonzo) Reagan was in office during that fateful year, but that’s a matter of political taste. “2001: A Space Odyssey” gave us a marvelous vision of interplanetary space travel and near-sentient computers but both of those innovations are still years or decades off, giving lie to the title. “Soylent Green”, the Sci-Fi and culinary classic, had most of civilization falling apart around Y2K, and a previewed a mass consumer product only slightly less distasteful than Hot Pockets. The “Mad Max” films and “Waterworld”, while violent and silly, don’t give us a whole lot of time before the end of the happy trail due either to societal collapse or global warming. The point of this week’s exposition is that the future is whatever you make of it, and that is neither entirely good nor bad. Our choice is whether we live as if we’re living through the end of time, or simply living and trying to make it a better life.

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