Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday December 22, 2006

Seasons Greetings and Welcome Back! Gaming has been ongoing obsession and this week I’ll share some of my favorite older PC game titles. When I say older games, I don’t mean the unplayable turkeys but the true gems that were hits in their day. There are a couple of good things about scrounging the bargain bin or the local used store for computer games. First off the price is usually a lot less than the latest titles, mostly under $20 US. Second, is that the older stuff has lower system requirements, which improves your odds of playing straight out of the box. That is a good thing because I can’t always afford to upgrade CPU, memory, or video to accommodate the latest game. My favorite fantasy role-playing title is Neverwinter Nights, which offers some epic adventuring and a complete kit for creating your own quests. Real-time strategy players can try Command and Conquer: Generals and the Zero Hour expansion pack. The units and weapons in C&C Generals are a blend of the current military hardware and sci-fi ultra high-tech. If you like a bit of fantasy mixed with your strategy then you can’t do much better than Age of Mythology, with its unique blend of ancient armies and colorful myth units. Star Wars: Battlefront represents one of those amazing chocolate and peanut butter moments in PC gaming history. Combine the key elements of Battlefield 1942 and the Star Wars Universe and you get a sweet, gooey FPS that is actually fun to play. Don’t get me started about the cathartic aspects of "sanctioning" Jar-Jar Binks

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The website of the week is the Darwin Awards, which seek to prove old Charles Darwin's theory by citing examples of extraordinary human folly.

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