Friday, March 07, 2008

A bass tip, and March begins.

Friday March 7, 2008

Hi again! March has marched in and this weekend marks the start of daylight saving time in the US. I generally balk at the loss of an hour's slumber but that's cause I'm a lazy old gray cat. The topic for tonight is music and I'm going to clue you in on a very simple yet interesting technique for creating bass loops. The simple part of this formula for bass lines is that there are just 2 notes used; the root note and a second note pitched 1 octave higher. Now open up your sequencer of choice (I use Orion Pro) and start up the step or pattern editor. You'll probably want to select a synth bass, but I've found it works well with a sampled bass too. We're going to alternate between the first low note (L) and the second note that's an octave highter (H) every 16th of measure, (or 32nd of a measure if the song tempo is slower than 90bpm), for one whole measure. That's it. You have a retro bass that will juice up your techno masterwork. If you really want put some cheese in your tacos try adding a bit of phase, flange, or wah to the effects chain . You can also vary the basic Low-High (LH) pattern to add some variety. Try HL, or better yet, HLLH-LHHL. It's fast, easy, and works surprisingly well, and now it's part of your musical arsenal. Go nuts!

The picture of the week was created using Carrara Studio.

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The loops of the week are some energetic synthesizer runs

The web site of the week is the official Star Wars site. Here you'll find a wealth of information about the movies, merchandise, and just about everything else related.

The PC game of the week is Titan Quest, which combines a cracking good FRPG with the rich world of Greek Mythology.

The book of the moment is Digital Sci-Fi Art by Michael Burns

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Bye for now!

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