Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday May 5, 2007

Hello and welcome back! The topic for this week is computing and the focus will be on scripts and scripting languages. To a computer programmer the term “script” doesn't refer to the lines that an actor will read on stage or TV. A script is a more generic term for a kind computer program. A scripting language can actually take the form of a general-purpose programming language, as in the case of Perl or Ruby or Smalltalk, or can be very specific, as in the case Unreal Script and Quake C which are used as in modifying FPS games. Anim8or, one of my favorite graphics/animation programs has added a scripting language called ASL in the latest version. The dark side to all this scripting goodness is that the potential for abuse exists. Javascript, a scripting language and one of the main web programming languages, has come under criticism for a number of security issues. It is apparently quite easy to insert a bit of ad-ware or other unwanted info into Javascripts. I'll have more on scripts and my own attempts at script writing in a future installment.

The picture of the week was taken on one of my recent bike rides.

Click on the picture to get a full-sized view.

The loops of the week were created using Orion Pro

Right click on a loop name to download it.

----- Bass 1 ----- Bass 2 ----- Bass 3 ----- Bass 4 -----

----- Drums 1 ----- Drums 2 ----- Drums 3 ----- Drums 4 -----

----- Guitarish 1 ----- Guitarish 2 -----

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