Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday April 22, 2007

Hello again! This week's entry is late because I was away visiting some friends in Sacramento. Due to my current state of employment (or lack thereof) I chose to rent a car and drive there. My luck was running true to form, and I managed to pick the first rainy weekend in months for my getaway. It wasn't all rain and driving the roughly 780 mile round trip gave me a bit of time to think about the various mysteries of life while listening to about a half dozen different classic rock FM stations. Monotony and sameness broken by the sounds of Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, the Eagles and Cream. There was a bit of snow to be seen near the Tejon Pass on the way north, and cows, horses, citrus groves, strawberry fields, all under puffy white clouds, or foreboding gray ones. I saw barns and irrigation trenches, small towns, power lines, billboards, and acres of nothing. It was memorable and in some ways quite beautiful. So once more I've taken a step outside of the box, and have been rewarded with some fresh experience. My recommendation to anyone faced with a similar opportunity? Go for it!

The pictures of the week were taken this past Friday, when I took the sole wrong turn of the trip, and wound up in the midst of some of that scenic farmland.
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