Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday March 9, 2007

Good Evening Friends! Life goes on and I continue to roll along with it. The topic for today is computer programming and what is often the first program you write. One of the simplest tasks that you can do in any programming language is to display a text message on the screen. What has emerged as a kind of non-standard standard is for that simple program to display the message “Hello World”. There are literally hundreds of examples in just about every known programming language of this simple program. The earliest known example of the “Hello, world” program was created by Brian Kernighan, the co-author of “The C programming language” book, the definitive tome on C. Check out this fairly funny list of Hello World programs based on age and experience, and this rather exhaustive list of Hello World variants (314 computer and 25 human languages).

This week’s picture was created using Project Dogwaffle
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The loops of the week were created with Orion Pro.
Right click on the name of a loop to download it.

----- Bass 1 ----- Bass 2 -----
----- Drums 1 ----- Drums 2 ----- Drums 3 ----- Drums 4 -----
----- Ping 1 ----- Ping 2 -----

The website of the week is Dork Tower, a web comic that explores the lives of gamers.

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