Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday December 8, 2006

Greetings and TGIF! This week the topic is graphics and I’ve got an application to recommend. Anim8or is a Windows program for creating your own 3D animations, though it can also be used to render individual images. Almost everything you need to make you own ‘toon is included, from modeling tools, to a sophisticated scene editor. There are a ton of cool features, and more are added with each update. And what’s the price for all this concentrated coolness you ask? Try zero bucks. That’s right, it’s a free program and you can’t get much cheaper than that. Anim8or is an excellent way to learn the finer points of computer modeling and animation before trying a full-featured commercial program. Give it a test drive and let me know what you think.
A Wikipedia article on Anim8or can be found here.

This week’s picture was created using Anim8or
Click on the picture to get a full-sized version

The loops of the week were created with Orion Pro.

The website of the week is PVP, which has become one of my favorite web-comics. It helps to either be a gamer, or to know a gamer to get most of the jokes.

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